zondag 1 februari 2015

EP Review: Constants And Variables by Sonic Skies

Bringing you the good old, but gold metalcore

For years I had been thinking that the good old metalcore days have been long gone. I started to believe that this genre had been bleeding to death in purest silence while a small part of it went its own way. A way of mutation and fragmentation that led to multiple new kinds of genres that simply could not do what metalcore used to do to me. Apparently some musicians have just been hiding in the rehearsal rooms for too long to surprise us with EP’s like Constants & Variables from Sonic Skies.

Bands and how they shatter to pieces is not always a bad thing, because from those shattered parts Sonic Skies was born in 2012. 

Constants And Variables

After releasing their very first EP Icarus, the band now came up with the Constant & Variables EP. Six songs have been taken from album preproduction's to fit into an EP and make the upcoming album more fit like a whole.
Constants & Variables creates an atmosphere of a walking the path in the middle of hope and hopelessness. Lyrics of dying hope, returning home can make a heart sing and your veins feel like they are going to explode. The smooth, yet very tightened riffs make you hold your breath while waiting for the breakdowns. The artwork - a dark greyish grid with X's and O's -  was dedicated to a friend that passed away recently. This EP is pretty amazing if you’re nostalgic and craving for the metalcore that filled up Belgium’s smallest venues and basements in the early years of 2000. 

Random fact: 
The band’s hometown Hameln is worldfamous for its ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ tale.   

To be continued

The second EP has just been released and Sonic Skies is already working on preproductions for their future album coming up. Seems the guys have an endless source of inspiration that makes their story to be continued… Sooner than you would think.

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