zondag 23 oktober 2011

The Hardcore Help Foundation

The Hardcore Help Foundation was founded earlier this year and in an incredible short amount of time they managed to gain enough money for different projects. They sell band merch, and you decide the price of it yourself. You can donate either shirts or money to the HHF to help them out fulfilling their goals.

The main goal of the HHF is to help out hardcore kids in serious needs. Support them with anything, give them your old band-shirts instead of throwing them away, give them a penny, a euro, or lots of penny’s and euro’s if you can afford it. Just that one shirt of yours you never wear is what can make a difference. And yes, the HHF DOES make a difference for lots of people:
They have been helping out families in Bochum (Germany) whose house was recently destroyed by fire. The city itself refused to help the families, the HHF takes care of them.
The HHF is in Japan right now to help a hardcore friend out rebuilding his school in Miyagi after if got completely destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake disaster in March. After they return to Germany, a video about the trip will follow, to share their experience with the rest of us.
I seriously put my hands together for what the HHF does and I can only ask each and every one of you who reads this to support this organization in any way. Spread the word!

Official website:


For more details and pictures about their projects: 
Awesome looking official HHF shirts for only 10 euro & other band-shirts:

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Coming up soon: interviews with Weaksaw (FR), Bring me The Horizon (UK) and a Campus (BE) review.

Well, what you see here is what it is.
Next week: interview with the French brutal band Weaksaw and a review of our amazing Belgian band Campus' album 'Oh Comely' will be uploaded.
November 29 Bring Me The Horizon will hit Belgium and we will throw some nice questions to their heads.

So keep your eyes open!

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Bitter Verses' (GER) new album 'Make or Break' coming up on October 14

Guys and guurrls,
May I have your attention please? Let me introduce to you: Bitter Verses. This German band will release their album ‘Make or Break’ this Friday through Swell Creek Records. Prepare for a blasting release show on Friday as well with Final Effort, Shelldiver and Three Mile Island. Imagine hardcore and metal meeting another, add some breakdowns and twosteps, make sure you mix it well aaaaand  then you get the sound of Bitter Verses. Enjoy!

woensdag 5 oktober 2011

About my virtual absence and moving to Germany

There has not been much new here lately and I'm sorry for that. Here is a small explanation about the past four weeks: I have been working my ass off, have been packing bags to leave Belgium for a few months and I have been on the road for like 50% of the time I was awake. Which means there was barely time left for anything else.

But this is the way it should be really written:
After great times of working at the local supermarket (four weeks to be precise) and the founding of  'we hate that black-haired-and-glasses-wearing bitch at our local supermarket club' I'm ready to set off to Germany and live in the beautiful city of M√ľnster for the next coming six months for working, music and writing. And I will own you with the Italian classes I take there. Vaffanculo.