woensdag 27 juli 2011

Some Pedestrians (BE) says farewell

On the 6th of August is the very last show of Some Pedestrians, a legendary mathcore band from Ninove, East Flanders, Belgium. Our writer was at their very first show and now Brutality Blog (as a die hard fan) will attend the last show with tears in the eyes. We say goodbye to them with a videointerview, lots of paparazzi pics AND there will be illegal firework. 6th of August = D-Day! Come and party with us for free at café Gonzo in Ninove. We're going to tear the place down, so B-there.
PS: For those who are planning to come, bring your (video)camera, the band would be pleased.

Event: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=206989575999708

Some Pedestrians on Facebook:

Some Pedestrians on Myspace:

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Across the Ocean (BE)

Across the Ocean recently rose from the ashes of A Year from Now, Stonebirds and Painless. The different experiences from all five band members accomplishes post-hardcore which is fluent and alternating without creating chaos. Their first song online called ‘Solid yet easily broken’ describes and shows perfectly how screams and clean vocals are carefully holding hands.

Across the Ocean is a promising band with roots in Geraardsbergen, East-Flanders.
Their very first show is on 1st October in Mechelen at JC Metteko. Two other shows are confirmed on October 22 in Lochristi and October 29 in Denderhoutem. Check their Facebook out for more info.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Across-The-Ocean/166173916746948?sk=app_178091127385

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Reign Supreme (US)

‘And come what may’ is an awesome song from Reign Supreme, a band homebased in Philadelphia in the US. For those of you who noticed a second vocalist: You just discovered Travis Reilly’s guest vocals from This is Hell in this song which is on their 'Testing the limits of infinite' album. Reign Supreme signed with Mediaskare Records a few days ago and will release their new EP 'Sky Burial' around the end of this year. 
Must... have... patience... wants... EP... now... already...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reignsupremeofficial?sk=wall

Other: http://dyingscene.com/bands/reignsupremehardcore/

maandag 11 juli 2011

Interview with Fabio, Mario and Daniel from Disposed to Mirth (GER) at Sputtenmosh X in Münster

First of all: you guys have a very impressive biography:
 Fabio ate some poisoned cactus which made him stuck with the sound of drums in his head, Vladimir got saved from becoming a savage boy thanks to a guitar he found in the snow, Mario’s grief because he could not become a professional football-player made him play the bass and Daniel is rather normal.
Fabio (drums): It is not entirely true. The origins of us in there are true, but not the stories. I didn’t eat that cactus (laughs). We wanted to make a funny biography that is not typical. Most biographies are summing up who was in which band before and when. We wanted to do something else with our biography. The origins are true though. Vladimir has a Russian background, Daniel lived in Hongkong, Mario is the real German guy and I was raised in South-America.
Mario (bass): I am a football-player and I did hurt myself while playing football, but it wasn’t that bad that I had to quit.
Daniel (vocals): I entered Disposed to Mirth only a few months ago and we haven’t found the time yet to write a cool story about me. We should sit together during a night of drinking and make something up that fits into our biography.

Since you all have such different backgrounds: How did you find each other?
Mario: We found each other around four years ago. All of us played in different bands, but we all knew each other and came together in the band. We had another drummer at the very beginning. When he left, I was introduced to Fabio by a friend and after a few times of jamming, we took him in. Daniel joined us around April this year.
Daniel: The old singer Matze quit the band because of personal reasons. They played over a hundred shows a year at that time. At such points you have to make a choice between putting all your energy into the band or not. Matze thought he achieved what he wanted to achieve with Disposed to Mirth and made the very hard decision to leave the band. I knew Mario, Vladimir and Fabio already because I have played shows with them before when I was in another band, ‘The Utopia Experiment’. When Matze left, they asked me if I would like to take over the vocals.

What influences your band the most? (Russian/oriental influence already included)
Fabio: The lyrics are Daniel’s part.
Daniel: I got kicked out of society I guess. What I write and sing about is basically the best thing to let out what you live every day. What you see every day, what you live with, the world you are living in. I try to take this in mind when I write. I think it’s crazy fucked up world and we try to find our ways to fit into this world and that is hard enough. Writing about it and singing about it is the best thing to let out what you live every day.
Fabio: Everyday stuff. It is not that we write songs about love and relationships. We make music about things that are much deeper than that.
Daniel: Every genre has its own themes to talk about. Poprock usually is about love, deathmetal usually is about death. I think that is too little. That is not really talking about who you are or how you want the world to be. We want to do our own thing, not just walking between the lines.
Fabio: That was the lyric part. In the drums I add Latin beats and then some blastbeats again or some jazz influences. I try to play every kind of music as a drummer, which means I am influenced by all sorts of music.
Daniel:  You can clearly hear that we have all different backgrounds. In the guitarparts you can hear Russian and oriental harmonics that we have put in there. We try to put everything in that we have experienced and we try to express ourselves as good as we can. Diversity is a good way to express yourself.

At 11/11/’11 your new album will be released, what can we expect?
Daniel: What people can expect? That’s a secret. (laughs)
Mario: We won’t make it to release the album in November, it will be at the beginning of 2012. We will be in the studio in August.
Fabio: We want to experiment some more with the music. There is a new song that has electro and dubstep influences and we’re thinking about using some more synthesizer. All of our songs are still in progress, so we can’t tell yet how it exactly will sound like.
Daniel: We try to figure out exactly what our sound will be like on this album. That is what makes the music we are writing now so important to us. We want to spend as much time as we can rehearsing. We want to make this special album that people can see we really worked hard on this and that it is thought through. It will be shitloads of work. We will have to quit school and work… (laughs) No, in the end it is just organizing. We are four guys that really want to do this and if you really want something, then you make time for it. You cannot deny that this is hard sometimes because you need to work and go to school. We also need money so we work from time to time, but in the end it is the music that matters to us. Every second that we have, we put that into our music. It is a 24 hour job, it is constantly on our minds.

You have a lot of shows coming up, even a few in the UK, looking forward to it?
Mario and Fabio: Of course!
Daniel: That is the orgasm of making music, being on stage. As I said before, it is shitloads of work. While being on stage you feel like that moment is why you delivered all that hard work.
Fabio: It is our first time in the UK with Disposed to Mirth.
Daniel: we would like to expand, to play more shows in more different places. We want to reach as much people as we can. Disposed to Mirth has played lots of shows in Germany and also some shows in the Netherlands and in Belgium. It feels great to be 2000 km away from home and people are standing there singing your songs. That is what we want to do. We want to play live and we want to play everywhere.
Fabio: Everywhere, all the time.

You have two music videos online: from ‘A martyr’s trial’ and ‘Diamonds in his throat’. How was it to make those videos?
Mario: We recorded ‘Diamonds in his Throat’ in this room. It was very spontaneous and the recording was planned only one week in advance. We posted on Facebook and Myspace that we would record our song and over 60 people came to join us for making the video.
Fabio: We invited people and told them we would take care of some beer for them if they would show up. The recording itself was really crazy, people were climbing up the fridges, everybody was going nuts. It was recorded with a small camera, nothing special about it. But the result is great.
Mario: it was the first song that lots of people knew the lyrics from. With this video we wanted to show that we are close to our fans. We actually made this video for the fans, because this song seemed to be one the favourite ones, no matter where we played.
Fabio: The people in this video are our first fans and it also a way to thank the people for being there and supporting us. The feeling of being one big family comes forward in the video. We knew every single person from shows. It felt like one big family meeting.
Daniel: ‘A Martyr’s Trial’ was made by a cool guy called Doom Design, who does lots of cool videos. He is down to earth and knows how to use equipment. It was a nice and cool experience. There were different camera angles and we recorded the song like 200 times. (laughs) The funny thing was that we couldn’t hear ourselves. The only thing we could hear was Fabio hitting the drums all the time.
Fabio: One time I stopped playing and we could hear the guitars playing without the amplifier.(laughs)
Mario: It was recorded right around the corner by the way. Hey let me take a picture for facebook!
(Mario takes a picture from Daniel, Fabio, Jasmien (my beautiful and skillful photographer of the evening) and me)
Daniel: it will be online in ten seconds. (laughs)

 Nice, we'll check it out then! up to the next question: 2 girls one cup vs one guy one horse?

Fabio: One guy one horse?
Daniel: That just doesn’t sound good. That poor animal! What would PETA say?
Mario: I watched two girls one cup.
Somebody confesses!
Fabio: I tried to watch two girls one cup. I almost threw up, I could not watch it. When I was looking away I could hear the sounds and even that was hard to stand.
Daniel: I have this funny experience with this video in Hongkong. There was this café where you could go online and put on a video on the big screen so everybody could watch it all over the place. One guy came up with the idea to put on this nasty ‘Two girls one cup’ video. Can you imagine everybody eating their brownies while... You know what I mean! (laughing)

Xbox or PS?
Mario: I’m no Xbox or PS fan. I just play a footballgame on computer.
Daniel: Xbox.
Fabio: (looks at Daniel in an astonished way) Playstation! I hate Microsoft. It doesn’t work well, but Sony isn’t working well either. I like the graphics more from Playstation 3. PSP is also a nice little thing. When I was a kid I used to be in love with PS1, but it bored me after a while. The best games are the old Nintendo games, for example Super Mario
Daniel: The Xbox controller kicks ass. Maybe it’s just the controller that attracts me. So it’s 1-1. What are we going to do? Stone, paper scissors!
(Daniel and Fabio start to play stone, paper, scissors with the serious ambition to beat each other)
Daniel: stone, paper, scissors!
Daniel: YES, Xbox won!

Disposed to Mirth would like to thank:
We would like to thank everybody who supports us for example: Titus in Münster and Street Ready. We would also like to thank the people who supported us, who come to our shows and buy merchandise.

Interview with Blonk (GER) at Sputtenmosh X

I was walking around the venue all the time looking for Blonk, because I would interview them before the show, but I just could not find them. After annoying Matze (previous frontman of Disposed to Mirth) with the claim I thought he was Blonk’s singer, I gave up and decided just to wait for them to show up suddenly. Sitting in the backstage at the time Blonk should be on the stage, I could hear drums and guitars being done soundchecking and starting with the real work. While grabbing my photographers sleeve I started to run downstairs. I cleared myself a way through the crowd, to see for myself who could possibly be on stage if this was not Blonk. I arrived at the front and when Nils gave me a recognizable smile, I knew they finally arrived to play just in time.

How was the show tonight?

Dave (guitar): We drove for five hours because of traffic jam and we arrived here five minutes before we had to play. We quickly set up everything, played the show, which was short but very cool. Then we build off everything again and now we’re going back home, bye! (laughs)

Nico (guitar): the show was really cool and lots of fun, but there was some stress because we were so late. We can start to relax right now.
       Blonk exists for seven years now, if you compare the band which it is now to the band you started. What could you conclude? Has there been an evolution?

Nico: The only difference is that now we have beards that we didn’t have back then. We started the band when we were about sixteen when we were still little kids. Now we are older and are better musicians. But there is no big difference between now and then.

Nils (vocals): We started as a school/garage band. We played lots of pop-rock and songs we knew from the radio. After that we started to write our own songs and now we only play our own music. And we try to get better at it every day. That’s pretty much the whole story about us.

Max (drums): Dave, Nils, Nico and me are the the ones who started to the band. Noobi joined us about a year ago. Dave and Nils are the real starters of Blonk, then Niko and me joined. And last year Nooobi joined the band.

Dave: we try to find our own sound. We started with some kind of punk or rock songs and then we started to play metal. But every record still has the Blonk style. That is the important thing, it doesn’t matter what music we are making, we just want to keep our own sound.

      You shared the stage with bands such as Bring me the Horizon, Shai hulud, Hoods and many others. But if you have the choice, what band would YOU guys like to tour with?

Blonk all together: Blink 182!

Nico: That is the reason why we are named Blonk.

Nils: We made some jokes about Blink 182 and we thought Blonk would be a good name for our band. Two years later we were at a point we really started to get on with the band and we decided we wanted to keep the name.

      You released an album last September and you’re already recording new material.

Nils: actually, we wrote three new songs. We have plans to record a new demo in November and a new album next year. Maybe we will have the luck to have the album released by a record label, but nothing is certain about this. For now we just stick to writing songs, touring and having fun.

Could you tell something about the last album?

Niko: It sounds like Blonk plus Robot’s vocals.

Nils: You definitely hear Robot in this album. He helped us out because we didn’t have a singer at that moment. Our old singer left and we already paid for the recording sessions. Robot jumped in for a while, we recorded the album with him, he stayed with us for two months for touring and then he left again. Robot wrote lots of lyrics for this record, so he had pretty much a big influence on the record. We did everything we wanted to do with the music. We made it fast, melodic and honest. That is the music we wanted to create.

But then where were you?

Nils: I was playing the bass. In our early days I also screamed, but I thought it would be better if I would focus on the bass only. We tried two singers, but it didn’t work out for both of them. In the end we decided I would get to the microphone again and we would look for someone else to play the bass. That is when we found Noobi.

Noobi (bass): I joined Blonk last year in December, but I used to play guitar and do vocals in a nu-metal band before.

Nico: We wanted to keep the Blonk style by having Nils as frontman again and looking for another bass-player.

      Describe your music in only three words.

Nico: Heavy, melodic,…


Nico: Yes! Heavy, hard, melodic, Blonk.

Nils: Fast, dirty and sexy.  (the band agrees laughing)

      On Facebook, there is this picture of Blonk where you all look like farmers and the one in the middle looks like… Well, his clothes are ripped and he might look like someone who just got raped. What is picture this about?

Nico: Oh, the ripped shirt! We thought let’s show some skin and let’s do it for the girls. He was not raped, he was just dressed sexy.

Oh it was you?! (pointing at Max)

Max: Do you think it’s sexy?

Well, not really, you look as if you just got raped…

Nils: We try to look sexy in every way!

      Which is your favourite album at the moment?

Nils: We have this new album in our van which are five albums mixed up. Albums from Yellowcard, Silverstein, Alexisonfire, City and Colour and Heroes for Hire. We’ve been listening to it all the time while driving to Münster.

      How do you see Blonk in a few years? Future plans?

Nils: We make plans within a year, we do not look any further when it comes to concrete plans. The plans for next year are releasing our new album and play shows with bigger bands. We also would like to get further with Blonk, do more interviews and of course we just want to have lots of fun.

      Let's get nasty:  2 girls one cup or one guy one horse?
Max: hard to say… I haven’t seen those videos. I am a Christian…
I’m kidding. The horse sounds funnier. Does the horse look like a girl? I imagine this horse with a very big penis with the man exploding in the end.

(band discusses what they would prefer)

Okay, just raise your hands: who wants the horse?

(everybody raises hands)


            Last question for today: Xbox or PS?

Nico: Xbox 360 because it is not so expensive. I don’t care about the exclusive games on ps. I think Xbox looks better and it tastes better. Assasins Creed is an awesome game. GTA and Red Dead Redemption are also very nice games. Max and I do play Xbox a lot. And the rest of the band just plays games in their pants.

Do you want to say anything to people reading this?

Niko: We want to say hi to our friends from ‘As Enemies Arise’.

Nils: And to ‘Campus’ because they are from Belgium!

Dave: And hi to all people in Belgium that know us! Come on Noobi, these are our last words, say something.

Noobi: (thinks) No.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blonkmusic?ref=ts#!/blonkmusic?sk=app_178091127385

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/blonkvshometown

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Interview with First Blossom in Spring (GER), voting winner of Sputtenmosh X

First Blossom in Spring, where did it all start?

David (drums): Our band started with Igor und Andy.

Igor (vocals): I used to play the guitar with Andy as my teacher, but after some months I decided to take over the vocals because the guitar wasn’t going too well.

David: I joined FBIS two months ago when Igor asked me to play the drums. At first I was hesitating because usually a band takes a lot of time. For example: The guys from Disposed to Mirth. They are always on the road, playing shows everywhere almost every weekend. I have a son at home, so I don’t have that much time for being in a band. Igor and I made a deal that I would give it a try and I’m happy because it seems to work out.

Peter (guitar): I lived in Russia for some time and when I came back to Germany I decided I wanted to play the guitar in a band. Vladimir from Disposed to Mirth is a good friend of mine and introduced me to Igor. I joined the band and after that came David.

Ricardo (bass and backing vocals): I met the band on a concert of Disposed to Mirth. On the way back home FBIS asked me if I wanted to play the bass and I simply said… Yes!

Did you expect to win the voting contest?

Andy (guitar): Really? Yes. (looks very serious at first and then starts to laugh) Of course not, we didn’t expect this at all, especially because the other bands in the voting contest were much bigger. The first days after the contest started we got lots of votes already. In the end we won with 100 votes more than the band that we were most competing with.

Igor: Maybe so many people voted for us because Münster is our hometown. First Blossom in Spring started in 2010, so we are rather a small band. That is what made it so hard to believe for us.

Peter: It is the second time we are involved in such a contest. There are lots of bands here in Münster, but we try to shine out and spread the word about our band. It seems to work out because we didn’t win last time, but we won this time.

You have planned to release a split –EP with Icarus Downfall this summer.

Ricardo: Yes, we are recording right now, but plans have changed.

Igor: You easily get compared to each other when two bands are on one EP and since we are still looking for our own sound, we decided it would be better to make our own EP now. We also made t-shirts and will do a release show in November. Icarus Downfall is a band from Münster and are friends of ours. Their music is great, but we think a split- EP is just not the right thing for new bands to do when you still are looking for your own sound.

What can we expect from the EP?

David: World conquest. (laughs)

Igor: we are still in the phase where we are looking for our own sound. Hardcore/metalcore. We cannot really describe the genre we make, we are influenced by several music and sounds.

Ricardo: We are influenced by for example August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, The Carrier and Escapado. Each of us of likes other music and it is the combination of all our individual interests that makes our music what it is.

Tell us some more about your ambitions.

Andy: We don’t have big goals right now, we would like to play more shows and let people hear our music. What must come will come. We try our very best and we would be glad to move on with our music, but we won’t die when it turns out we cannot get any further with it. There are so many bands in Münster and that makes it hard to shine out.

Igor: want to make music with friends, we don’t want to be the biggest band ever. We just want to have fun, play shows, have fun with the audience, we don’t want to become a big band. it’s all for fun.  

What are you most proud of that you have achieved until now?

Igor: we have been support for the Italian band Awaken Demons thanks to Mario from Disposed To Mirth. We have played in Münster with them and even did a small tour. We have also played park concerts. We are proud that we had the luck to do these things already.

I was desperately looking for info and music of you guys online, but I could barely find anything and there was no music

Ricardo: That is because our music is sooo underground.

Igor: We are not very active on facebook yet, but we will upload songs after we are done with recording and try to be more active there.

Let's get to some serious stuff now: Two girls one cup or one guy one horse?

Peter: What? Uhm… (thinks). I haven’t seen it before, but both sound disgusting.

David: how long did you watch two girls one cup?

Uuuhm.. let’s say I watched it sort of… entirely. Come ooon it looks like chocomouse and I think it might be fake. And it's funny!

Band: Ooooooooohhhh grose! (all making ewww-sounds through another)

Igor: Let’s say I like two girls one cup because of the girls. (laughter from the band)

David: Well, he is a shouter anyhow! 

Another one: Xbox or Playstation?
Ricardo: Wii!

Andy and David: Macbook!

Igor: Xbox, because it’s more fun.

Peter: Fifa is great.

Ricardo: And Final Fantasy.

Igor: Yes, but only the old Final Fantasy games are good. 

Peter: Super Nintendo is also great.

Thanks for the interview guys!

 First Blossom in Spring will play at the Sputnikcafé again at 23th July.
Check out their EP, it will be out soon!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/firstblossominspring and http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/First-Blossom-In-Spring/165284710196380

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/firstblossominspring

woensdag 6 juli 2011

Review: Sputtenmosh X at Münster

Dear Sputtenblog,
I woke up too late, gathered my clothes, ran downstairs for a shower, snatched my bags and hurried to catch the train to Antwerp in time, where my friend would pick me up with her van to start our journey to Münster. After four hours of singing Lady Gaga songs and Moby’s tunes hitting our ears we finally arrived at the Sputnikhalle.
Sputtenmosh X was opened with great enthusiasm by First Blossom in Spring, proud winners of the voting contest. They immediately brought a great atmosphere and the first swaying movements were spot among the audience while the band gave everything on stage. First Blossom in Spring is rather skillful for an upcoming band and for those who are curious: Live footage from their show at Sputtenmosh can be found on Youtube.
Up next was Cecile from Paderborn. Cecile filled the place with heavy breakdowns, strong guitar riffs with a soft touch, almost hypnotizing lead vocals and crystal clear clean vocals. New songs such as ‘To be lost in coma’ and ‘Restless and nightmares’ drew attention to the fact that their performance was very controlled and had a very good live sound.
Arriving 5 minutes before hitting the stage, Blonk made it just in time to fit into the perfect schedule of the evening. Standing in front of the stage, drops of sweat coming from Blonk hit my face. Their show spoke for itself: ‘So we don´t have to prove ourselves. What we do is who we are.’ (from their song ‘Strike the Colors’) . Blonk already shared the stage with bands like Bring me the Horizon, Shai Hulud and Hoods before and on the 15th of July they will support First Blood in Ludenscheid.
The Haverbrook Disaster had to make the audience ready for Disposed to Mirth and Campus, a mission they accomplished succesfully. The Haverbrook Disaster did a great job on stage. People knew the songs, sang along and satisfied faces were spot as the set was ended.
This what most people were waiting for all evening:  Disposed to Mirth. Not a big surprise, since Münster is their hometown where they have a numerous fanbase which is still growing every day. Stagedives, singalongs and being one big family is the outline of what Disposed to Mirth brings to life. New frontman Daniel is a born entertainer. He pulls people literally on the stage to make them go for a stagedive. This performance certainly brought the best piece of atmosphere on Sputtenmosh X. To end the set, the microphone got handed over to previous frontman Matze, who had an insane crowd in front of him while singing ‘Diamonds in his Throat’.
Campus as a headliner was a beautiful ending of an awesome evening. Campus decided to leave the old songs where they are and brought newer material this evening. Their unique sound even made some Belgian fans show up to support their compatriots in Münster.
This show was organized perfectly, all bands played in time, great sound, lights were good as well, especially during Disposed to Mirth. Next Sputtenmosh is in November:  Angels and Enemies, Haribo Macht Kinder Froh, Beast War Returns, Disposed to Mirth, His Statue Falls + a voting winner will be there. And so will you.