donderdag 28 april 2011


With fingers hurting like hell I proudly introduce to you all: Brutality Blog.
Brutality Blog's writings will cover the hardcore-scene and any other genre influenced by it.
From nintendocore to deathcore, from crazy metalcore to old skool hardcore. Most attention goes out to local bands, but there will be stuff about the biggies as well.
This blog will soon be full of interviews, reviews of shows and not to forget: EP reviews.

To the fans:
Keep on supporting your local scene, buy merchandise and EP’s. Don't let the bands down, they NEED you! The destiny of bands without support is to bleed to death in silence. Dudes and dudettes, it’s time to get your ass moving and get to the merch table… NOW.

To the bands:
Don’t hesitate to email for an interview, review,... This blog cannot exist without you guys.

And to all:
Remember, we are here to share our passion

Anyone who has any questions or wants more info etc. can always email me: