zondag 8 maart 2015

An alien handful of questions to Witness of Decay

Witness Of Decay brings you the finest Mexican deathcore, wrapped in soaking wet bloody lyrics topped with shredful joy for everyone. Read everything about their scene, perspectives on the future and their message to the worldwide deathcore bands out there.

Describe us the Mexican scene

Our Mexican Scene is hard to explain because it’s a kind of an irregular scene. It's quite strange actually. The one day you’re playing a show in a venue for 200 people, the next day it's just your band and a couple of friends. The audio systems don't always have the best quality, but we think that the people here give everything they got on stage and that makes a good show. And the people are very friendly.

Any interesting future plans? Maybe a Euro tour?

We are planning on touring more here in Mexico. There are still a lot of places that we haven’t got the chance to play at. We also plan on shooting a video for one of our songs and we are also looking forward to going back in the studio by the end of this year to record a full length album. As for Europe, it would be a dream come true to be able to tour and play for you guys. That’s why we will keep working very hard.

What is your message to the worldwide deathcore scene?

You make some of the best music, but it's a kind of music that not everybody can understand and feel. It’s not about fashion or the new trend. It’s about passion and staying true to yourself, because eventually it all pays off. Therefore enjoy and support the shows that are made in your town, buy merch from bands, it helps a lot. And remember that all the huge bands started out playing local shows. Cheers to everyone in Europe. We have heard so many cool things about your shows and scene. And thanks to Brutality Blog for the interview.

Thank YOU guys!