zaterdag 21 april 2012

First Blossom In Spring (GER) releases first EP 'Don't Look Back'

Think about blending metalcore and melodic hardcore... What you get is First Blossom In Spring, a young band from Münster (GER). Since I am familiar with First Blossom In Spring I already knew that listening to 'Don't Look Back' would fill my head with shiny and catchy melodies. The first song 'Who I Will Be' is a good start off, because it introduces the band's sound without revealing everything at a time. 

While listening to the rest of the EP you will be surprised about bassplayer Ricardo's singing skills in 'More Than Life'. Also the riffs will not let you go that easily. These people speak one and the same language while playing their instruments. Honestly, I believe this is a surprisingly good first EP.  

'Don't Look Back' was recorded at Pitchback Studios in Köln, same studio where Nasty is recording new songs right now. Pitchback Studios is specialized in a few genres, such as hardcore. 

First Blossom In Spring is a band that keeps surprising me in any way. Last summer they blew my socks off at Sputtenmosh X by creating an amazing atmosphere out of nothing. What in this case certainly must be mentioned is that they opened the festival as voting winner and they had not played lots of shows before.  

Curious? Check out their facebookpage and have a listen at a few songs.

A real family EP if you ask me. Isn't it mothersday in a little while? Well, this is the golden tip of today: Make your mom happy or your aunt, your sister, the old lady next door or your pet with this great EP! Send those guys an e-mail and you will get free autographs as well. Spread the fucking word!

This is my personal favourite: More Than Life. The video is from the Sputtenmosh X gig last summer in Münster.


Facebookpage Pitchback studios Köln:

vrijdag 13 april 2012

Meet Kalypso, a German band from Lingen.

Meet Kalypso, a German metalcore band located in Lingen, Nordrhein-Westfalen. They united in 2009 and last month they released their second EP ‘Neue Chancen’. The EP was recorded in Kiel at Blastbeat Production AND can be downloaded for free, just like their previous EP ‘Nyktophobie’.

Every single word is sung in German, which strengthens the poetic structure of the lyrics. Even if you do not speak the language it will still be a swaying accent pleasant for the ears. The lyrical content of the songs are in fact summaries of what happens in life, but seen from a different point of view.
Kalypso has a strong metalcore sound, with here and there some remarkable deathcore accents in it.

In the mean time, Kalypso recorded a videoclip for their song ‘Bäume wachsen nur auf stärken Herzen’ in cooperation with Doom Design who offers professional graphic-, video- and webdesign without sucking your wallet dry.

 As you can see the videoclip is shot on a frozen lake. During the shooting, the ice cracked heavily underneath the boy’s feet. In the end both the band and camera guys left the ice even though they do some more shots at this location, but they did not want to put themselves into danger.

Curiousssss or wot? Check out their video or even better: Go and check them out tomorrow at the 'The End Is Near Tour' in Paderborn, NRW, Germany. Kalypso will tear the place (Kulturwerkstatt) down together with All You Can Bleed, Hate Embraced, Tribe and Science of Sleep.


Funny (unrelated but not senseless) fact: Kalypso’s rehearsal room is located in an abandoned elementary school. Spooky stuff.

EP 'Neue Chancen' free download:
The End Is Near Tour: