maandag 16 juli 2012

Live review: Hardcore VS Metalcore Party presented by Facekick Blast @ Durer kert (14.07.2012)

Last Saturday I ended up at a local show in Budapest after a random taxidriver noticed some bandshirts in the back of his car.
He asked us if we would like to be dropped off at Dürer Kert, because today there was a hardcore show with Hungarian bands only. Well yeah... Sure! 

The word 'local' says it all, as me and my soulmate ended up as the only two people not being Hungarian. We arrived too early, which gave us some extra time to discover the venue and talk to some hardcore kids from Facekick Blast: A collective of people who set up hardcore shows together in the city of Budapest

Dürer Kert is a very spacious location with venues hidden inside the venue. Sounds unreal, but it is true. As you can see on the pictures below, the interior is outstanding and creative. When you think you have seen it all, you must have missed Dürer Kert: Cunts, boobs and mustaches are chilling at the walls of endless hallways.

The kick-off was given at 9 a.m. by In The Cold Light: A band formed by six people, each of them having their own influence on the music. This makes it hard to decide what kind of genre they bring. Sometimes it gets a bit chaotic, but just that is what makes In The Cold Light charming and surprising. Either you like it, either you don’t. 
Crown of Victory was the beatdown highlight of the evening, the moment most people that showed up were looking forward to. The local Hungarian band brought a very good cover from Irate's Vendetta and it seems they have already built up a small fanbase in their hometown.
As one Reason To Kiss entered the stage it became clear that the screaming girls came especially to support Crown Of Victory. Surprising if you ask me, since One Reason To Kiss is not unskilled. They spit their melodic hardcore all over the place and played shows before with bands like Bridge To Solace, Dead Swans, This Is Hell,...
Given their best shot, Slaves Strike Back started to play in front of less than 20 people and went off stage with a doubled crowd putting their hands together. The Hungarian band is rather new in the scene. This could be the most possible explanation for the small attendance, because their sound was rather good for an upcoming band being a headliner after recording a first EP last december.

Pictures of the venue and a few of the show (I'm sorry guys, the battery has let me down that night) can be seen below.

one of the hallways


In The Cold Light


another hallways that gives access to another concert

the entrance

the show

the message

Slaves Strike Back

restroom door


In The Cold Light
In The Cold Light:
Crown Of Victory:
One Reason To Kiss:
Slaves Strike Back: 

Dürer Kert: 

donderdag 12 juli 2012

Ieperfest 10-11-12 August 2012

Summertime means that lots of musical festivities take place. The hardest and also greenest among them all is definitely Ieperfest.

The DIY organisations Vort'n Vis (can literally be translated as 'dirty fish') and Genet Records put their hands together again to throw one of the biggest parties in the scene: Ieper Hardcore Fest: The Feast Edition.
To celebrate this 20th edition the following bands will burn down the place:
Reign Supreme, The Chariot, TRC, Shai Hulud, Death By Stereo, Unearth, Terror, This Is Hell, Skarhead, Homer, Knuckledust, Sydney Ducks (awesome name for a band), Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Whatever It Takes, Thruth And Its Burden, Vaccine, Toxic Holocaust, Deez Nuts, Death Of Anna Karina, Naysayer, Rise And Fall, Ignite,
Withdrawal, Aborted, Midnight Souls, For The Glory, Kylesa, Pianos Become The Teeth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Scraps, 7 Seconds, Crowbar, Take Offense, Sick Of It All and many many more.(*)

More Than Music

Ieperfest is about much more than just music and brings people closer to each other without sectarian activities being involved. As every year you can join debats, witness live interviews, discuss openly with bands, watch documentaries and presentations or catch up with/on vegan talk.
Last year Carl Schwarz was interviewed live by the Ieperfest organisation (Brutality Blog interviewed him as well) and spread his ideas about for example America's policy. People in the public were given the chance to ask Carl their own questions right before the end of the session.

Green, greener, greenest

In 2012, the organization focusses on green policy even more than they did with previous editions. Every idea to make it happen from you or your grandpa could turn out to be a success. Do not think you need an Einstein-mind for this: Even the most simple ideas where no one had thought of before can be helpful. Do not hestitate to :

Utopic facts about the festival:
This year is the 20th anniversary.
Everything is 250% vegan.
Since 2010 they got rewarded twice with national green awards.
The organisation is non-profit.

(*)Ieperfest is not responsible for broken keyboards caused by drool dripping from open mouths.