zondag 17 juni 2012

Driven Fear, band from Australia and they are fucking angry

This following post is made by Glenn Heyse, probably the biggest Driven Fear fan you will ever meet in your life. He has his own funny and short way of writing. Enjoy.

Good day dear reader,
How are you today?
Stuck in the same routine? Feeling tired? Misled? Betrayed? Demoralised?
Well, you're not alone. The guys form Driven Fear are thinking the same thing.

This band from Brisbane, Australia is one of those bands that are rare these days.
When you read the lyrics, you will find more social criticism then in a Michael Moore documentary and you can't help yourself from screaming along.
"I think that it’s time that we make some changes"

Well, what are you waiting for?
Don't know where to start? BUY THEIR CD'S and then go protest with me, lets hit the streets (read: bar).
Enough reading start listing or... Some more reading?
"No listen to this, its badass motherfucker, kiss my ass".

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Driven-Fear/109397320154
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/drivenfearhc
Pee Records: http://www.peerecords.com/

By Glenn Heyse

zaterdag 2 juni 2012

Vainstream Rockfest 2012 (Münster, NRW, Germany)

The one day festival Vainstream Rockest makes the city of Münter shiver every early summer. This festival concentrates on metal, punk and hardcore music and started its first edition five years ago by throwing twelve names only in the line up that mostly sound familiar to the big public: Neara (playing their hometown at Vainstream), Caliban, Boy Sets Fire, Danko Jones, Backyard Babies, Water Down, Darkest Hour, Fire At The Attic, KJU, Crosscut and Fall Of Serenity. Bullet For My Valentine got the honour to parade on stage as mainact and made the curtain fall in the 2006. As this first edition line up shows, Vainstream was about to expand in just very little time. 

Some history
In 2007 another stage was added and the line up started to expand bit by bit. Vainstream at its highest point was a two day festival with almost 30 bands playing the stages. Also another one-and-only-edition-until-now festival was set up in Wiesbaden in 2010, which was called Vainstream Beastfest. 
Last year, the organisation decided to take it easy and came up with 17 bands such as Deez Nuts, Madball and Motörhead. Reducing the amount of artists did not really reduce the amount of people showing up at Vainstream Rockfest since 10.000 people bought a ticket for the 2011 edition.

2012's edition
On Friday 8th of June Vainstream starts off with the Desperados opening night at the Skater's Palace. To bring you in the mood the London female fronted band Mortad, Israelian Hammercult and the American Hatebreed will warm you up for the day after. 
On the 9th of June musicfans gather at the cultural square of Münster, am Hawerkamp, to see their favourite bands play. Gojira, Refused, Slayer, Enter Shikari, Emmure, August Burns Red, Mad Caddies and many more will be smashing guitars, make you sing and dance and scream. All together, 24 artists play Vainstream Rockfest this year. The festival ends at 22.30 already, but then the After Show Party starts at the Sputnikhalle with Stick To Your Guns, Off!, Eyes Set To Kill and the Cro-Mags.

Keep your eyes open for the 'Show me your shred' competition. You can still give your vote on the vainstream website to  the -in your opinion- best shredder until June the 3rd. The winner will get to play one song together with German metalcore band Caliban on the Desperados stage.

Practical info
The happy-wallet-festival costs you 60 euros only if you decide to go last minute. For the early birds among us, the ticket had only cost 55 euros during the so called 'early bird ticket sale'. The festival takes place at the cultural square of Münster, Am Hawerkamp.