donderdag 13 december 2012

Upcoming Belgian band: Sounds Like Deceit

In 2011, four guys found love when they met each other in the Kempen and just a few months later Sounds Like Deceit was born. Imagine two singers sharing the stage with a -core orchest smashing the place with breakdowns. Slapping you in the face with drunk laughter and hard music.

Until now the band released a homerecorded demo and an mcd 'The Thruth'  which was recorded by one of the bandmembers from Pushed Too Far.

Last February Belgian-German guy Brian joined the band to assist on the mic and also a second guitar player found his way to Sounds Like Deceit, to take care of the rhythm guitar.

The new members are pushing the band up to a higher level: In 2013 Sounds Like Deceit goes to the studio again to record some new stuff. For those who are curious, 'Scum' is already online.

The band plays another show this Saturday in Sint-Niklaas with Pushed Too Far, Earn Your Scars, Kill For Peace and Countdown. Go and check them out!


donderdag 6 december 2012

Album Review: No Turning Back - No Regrets

No Turning Back - No Regrets

Let me start off with saying that it's been a long time since I got an album that I turned around so much to look at the cover. Props to Sly Masmeijer for his nice work on this.
Anyway, lets talk about the music now.

In 15 years NTB has released 7 full length albums and one 'best of' release. Is this the best album? To me yes, let me tell you why.

To be honest, I never listened to NTB much.
Well you can say the former albums never really spoke to me. But I'm sold on this one.
If you know NTB, you know this album brings nothing new but a refreshment of the same sound.
Not that i'm complaining, it sounds awesome.
Maybe it's because of the new members Michiel and Nik. Or as they say "good wine gets better with age".
This album brings more of a 90's punk/hardcore sound, fast short songs, singalongs and catchy riffs.

I'm not gonna say something about every song on this album, since they are all instant hardcore classics
BUT I just have to take my favorits out.
The album starts off with "Stand & Fight" taking only 1min 15sec. This song kicks in like a carcrash. BANG!

After this song I was thinking that these guys put a lot more work in this album.
"Never understand" stands out thanks to Ricardo Dias' guest vocals from For The Glory. Ricardo and Martijn's voices are a perfect match and I would even say that this is NTB's "Keepers Of The Faith".
"Not Like You" is the shortest song on the album. It doesn't take more time and words to say, what I think every real hardcorekid feels...
The last song I wanna say a few words about is "By my side". Again, here there are awesome guest vocals on this album this time from Gregor Lesky (Risk It) where nother great hardcore anthem is born.

So, it comes down to this:
If you know NTB then you already have this album.
If you where like me and were not convinced by their previous albums,
check it out on FB, youtube, whatever...I'm sure you will love it from the first song.

I can't wait for these guys to play here again.
See you at the show.

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By Glenn Heyse