zondag 25 december 2011

Three questions to deathcore band Science Of Sleep (GER)

Just two years ago you founded SOS and this year you will share the stage with Suffokate & Blind Witness. Did you ever dare to think things would go so fast?

First of all: Thank you for doing this interview!
Even though we started just two years ago we have always put a lot of hard work into our writing and the hell lot of shows we played yet (about 100 in the first 2 years) . We always wanted to become more than just "one of those bands", so we really appreciate the response we get by being supportact for bigger bands. We have had the honour to play with Suffokate, death metal kings Obituary, The Ghost Inside and other rather famous bands. We are kind of getting used to it.  

What is the secret of your succes?

As said before: hard work. We put an awful lot of time in the whole "band thing", by which I mean the songwriting, the whole bookingshit and mailing stuff, organization, merchandise and whatever but many bands do that too. The reason of our, if you want it to call "success" is a secret to me too! I think we just started at the right time. And we do not cover shitty pop songs to become popular... Maybe we are just awesome or people are stupid, haha.

What is your message to the people reading this?

To all people who read this: Please check out Science Of Sleep for maximum deathcore sickness, come to our shows and have a good time with us! We are very thankful for all kind of support, so go ahead and show us your love!

hi5 sos

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SOSMETAL