donderdag 25 juli 2013

Ieperfest: for the 21st time at its best

In a few weeks time the 21st edition of Ieperfest makes the H8000 shine and shiver at the same time. People all over Europe and even further travel all the way to the small town of Ieper to gather around for the hardcore festival. Ieperfest is one of a kind for sure and we will tell you why.

First of all: The perfect timings

You will not miss any of the bands playing, because the two stages allow you to walk from the mainstage to the marquee and back to see one band after the other play the festival.
The only thing that could get in your way –except for your drunkness- is the MTM Tent, where all kinds of things next to music are discussed, live interviews with the opportunity for asking some questions yourself, discussions take place with bands and organizations, presentations are given and documentaries are shown.

Second of all: Don’t be bitchin’  because of the all vegan kitchen.       
The entire festival is filled with delicious vegan food and drinks. Ice cream is made with soy milk, veganaise is poured over your French fries and Oxfam is there to take care of your hungry stomach too.

Third of all: The line-up simply rocks your socks off
The following bands will hit the stages at Ieperfest: Horse The Band, Madball, Catharsis, Tsol, Street Dogs, Circle Takes The Square, Ninebar, WolfxDown, Grieved, Questions, Orange Globin, Revenge, Sectarian Violence, Whitechapel, Strung Out, Napalm Death, and many many others.

No excuses, see you at Ieperfest!