vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Vote Distance in Embrace (GER) to the Serengeti Festival this summer

Once upon a time, four guys met each other in Minden and decided to unite their music skills and thereby call theirselves Distance in Embrace. They worked very hard and got the chance to share the stage with other bands such as Ignite (USA), Heaven Shall Burn (GER), Death By Stereo (USA), All That Remains (USA) and many others.
Distance in Embrace is selected for a voting contest and the winner has the honour to open the Serengeti Festival in Germany this year.
Vote for them and give them this beautiful chance, they really deserve it.

They have a few shows coming up soon
 and they will hit the studio after summer for recording new material.

Serengeti Festival: http://www.serengeti-festival.de/

maandag 20 juni 2011

Crawfish (NL) @ United by Fire Fest (25 & 26 June, NL) w/ Terror, Alpha & Omega, No Turning Back & All for Nothing.

Formed in 2009 and they already have a show with Terror and a demo on their checklist. Crawfish brings old skool hardcore filled with anger vocals and strong metalcoreriffs. At the end of 2010 their demo called 'Never Surrender' was released and is available on the myspace for only 7 euros (including postage). Have a look on their myspace and listen to some of their songs while having your coffeebreak.
Crawfish will open the United by Fire Fest this weekend, be there in time to support them!



United by Fire:

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Perceptions (BE)

Perceptions is a belgian melodic hardcore band from Sint-Niklaas and recently their first music video appeared. Last year Perceptions decided to move on without their friend and vocalist Bjorn. In this clip you can see the new frontman Vincent grabbing the mic and sing his lungs out.
This song called 'The remaining few' might touch anyone who has lost someone they really loved.
This comes straight from the heart

You can find the lyrics in the description of the video.

Upcoming shows:
1/7 The Legend, Sneek (NL)
2/7 Oase, Weert (NL)
3/7 Eglantier, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
3/7 Metteko, Mechelen (BE) + Cancer Bats!

Check them out and support them.

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Don't we all love exams?

The most fun time of the year for all students: exams.
You study so hard you start to hallucinate and talk in fragmented riddles to others because your books are completely taking over your mind (btw, that's a good sign guys).
You simply rape your study books to succeed. Oh yes, you do.

And don't we all know this feeling when you're waiting to get in the examination room and you hear everybody freak out around you and confuse you? "Monet and Manet and FUCK who was who again? What's the difference between impressionism and post-impressionsm and what was informal art about again?"
Don't you just want to knock them to the floor? Well, here's your remedy.

step 1) take your ipod
step 2) put a craaaaazzzzyyy song on there
step 3) while all those desperate feeling people around are freaking out, you just turn up the volume to the maximum and relax while enjoying your song. Take a nice book with you (no, not the study books) so you don't have to watch the morons around you turning nuts.

Say goodbye to those feelings of confusion right before entering the exam.

good example of such a craaaaaaaaaazzzzzyyyyyyyyy song:

wir ziehen ├╝bers vaterland,
setzen nazi-kneipen in brand.
hakenkreuze ausradieren,
mutterkuchen in die fresse schmieren.            
And while you're dreaming of burning down nazicaf├ęs yourself, you'll be chillax in no time.

Exam style:
Music: Shemales from outta space of death, Mutterkuchenschlacht, Germany, Bielefeld, 1st decade of 21st century, social criticism and self-reflection (history), postmodern, polish guy and german guy = beautiful symbiosis of...
Enough already.

Ok guys, back to your books and good luck. Rape those books!