dinsdag 31 mei 2011

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Social Suicide in action at the Groezrock festival.

Sondre (vocals) will be leaving the band.
You can see him performing with Social Suicide this summer on their last shows together.

woensdag 25 mei 2011

Just a minute of your time please, there's some serious stuff going on.

People, please take a minute to read this post:

Mike Bird is a 19-year old American boy who got hurt last month during a Terror & Trapped Under Ice show. He got knocked on the floor by a crowdsurfer. His legs are paralyzed and Mike is not able to pay for the medical costs. As most people know, the health care system in america is completely fucked up.

In the mean time, actions started to collect money for Mike's medical care. You can choose to donate anything you want. Anything: a euro, a dollar, a penny. It can make a difference.

Bookers and bands have decided to organize benefit shows. In Belgium there is such a benefit show on the 11th of June in Mechelen @ Jh Metteko. All of the benefit will go directly to Mike Bird.
People, take a break from studying, pull your friends away from their desks and kidnapp them to join this show. It is only 5 euros  for a bunch of bands AND you can change a live with it.

more info about the benefit show in Belgium:

more detailed info about the actions and donations for Mike Bird: http://betterxtimes.blogspot.com/2011/04/mike-bird.html

"As we all know, when someone gets knocked down in hardcore, we PICK THEM BACK UP."
(from the Mike Bird article @ Betterxtimes Blogspot)

zondag 22 mei 2011

Interview with Social Suicide at Groezrock festival 2011

It was not my intention to gather interviews at the Groezrock festival, but this band surprised me by blowing my socks off at eleven in the morning and I just could not resist to ask them a few questions. Social Suicide is an enthusiast band from Norway (more specific: Bergen) and has just ended the ‘Through the noise tour’ with Kvelertak, The Ghost Inside,  Gravemaker and Comeback Kid. They bring you what they call it theirselves: Hardcore/Punk/Screamo.
Social Suicide leaves you speechless from the moment they grab their instruments until the last note is played. Their live performances fill the place with a great energy and atmosphere, so if you ever get the chance to see those guys live, well then…

What is the origin of your bandname?
Esteban: We were young when we started the band. We were 16, still teenagers and rebelling against everything, not caring about anything. Basically we choose this name because we wanted to stay true to ourselves and that’s pretty much it, nothing more, nothing less.

What were your expectations for this festival?
Bjarte: We have opened at the Etnies stage at 11.20 and we were amazed by the amount of people that showed up this morning. The show itself was lots of fun, there was a great atmosphere I must say. Even some people from the scene in Norway showed up here and sang along with our songs. Such things make us happy and give us the energy to move on with the band. It always feels good to see that people like our music.

Sondre: We were afraid that might not be able to play today because I and Bjarte have been ill thanks to the bad hygiene and all on tour. This morning we both felt better so we’re very happy to have played such an awesome show today.  Actually we didn’t expect the Groezrock festival to be so big. And of course we’re very proud to play here.

Esteban, you performed with an incomplete drumset… and you did a great job I must say.
Esteban: (laughs)  I forgot some stacks so I was forced to play like this. It was a challenge and I love to improvise, which I did today on stage, it was way more fun actually.

What are your songs about?
Sondre : They’re about life and especially about my own personal life. The album ‘Broken Pilgrims’ is an outlet for a depression I had two years ago. Writing the songs and performing them helped me to get over it and get on in life. The music I bring is basically my own therapy, how I dealt with it all.

Any future plans, dreams, ambitions?
Remi: We would like to travel more and play more shows in more countries. Actually we just want to keep on doing what we’re doing right now and we want to keep on having fun. For us, having fun it what it is all about.

How do you warm up before the show?
Sondre: I isolate myself  for some minutes, close my eyes and let all the bad memories I could think of flow in. I experience it all over again and this encourages me to let it all out on stage. I am very energetic on stage due this tactic.
Esteban: I try to relax because mostly I’m very nervous. I just drink some water and walk around until it’s time for the show.
Remi: I usually do neck exercises to avoid too much pain afterwards. I feel much more excited than nervous before going on stage. Why being nervous when you’re about to face a moment of having such fun? 

Do you guys remember your first show? Was it much different from your live performance now?
Sondre: Our very first show is comparable to what you’ve seen today, we’ve never been shy on stage actually. We act natural on stage: when we want to move a lot, we do. When we don’t feel like moving a lot, we don’t. It’s as simple as this.

Well, you surely caught all attention when you faced heights with climbing up the pole at the side of the stage.
Sondre: (enthusiast) Yes, the climbing! I do this as a sport at home and I like to bring it on stage as well. I do whatever I want on stage. As I said it is all spontaneously, nothing is forced or planned. Pure passion.
Alriiiiight! Let’s move on to the last two Groezrock questions of the year:
Two girls one cup or one guy one horse?
Sondre: Well uhm, we don’t watch porn, we’re Christians…
That’s okay guys. Up to the last one: Playstation or XBOX?
Sondre: Playstation! I play PS all the time when I’m at home and I really miss it when I’m on tour. What makes PS better than Xbox is that you don’t need to pay for online gaming. Skate is a very amusing game and also Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 can keep me busy for hours. I can spend hours and hours playing these games, they are my favourite!
Remi: (yells from a distance) Sondre is soooo good at that COD game!
Well, you would probably beat me. Or not?

donderdag 12 mei 2011

Interview with Julian from 'Shemales from outta space of death', a two-headed German band from Bielefeld, which bring to you: Electro/ Hardcore/ Grindcore. Absurd as they sound, absurd are some of Julian's answers to this interview.

Okay, let’s start! Who could ever think of such a long and absurd bandname?

One night, I went out and I got pretty drunk.  When I woke up the day after, I had a tattoo on my ass which said ‘Shemales from outta space of death were here’.  That is where the bandname came from.

Yes, that is very… common I must say.
It’s true, it’s true!
What kind of music influences the band?
Roman and I listen to ‘difficult’ stuff. We listen to bands like Crystal castles, Alexisonfire, Deftones, Muse and so on. We don’t listen to all this deathcore and metalcore which is going on right now. Not because we don’t like it, we’re just more attracted by other music styles. Also Kylie Minogue is pretty cool, but Britney Spears sucks.
At first sight your music doesn’t seem to be very serious, but when you look closer at the lyrics, there is a lot of hidden social criticism.
That’s right. We’re pretty much like South Park. If you watch it, it looks crappy and funny, but when you look at it closely you can see that there is a lot of hidden social criticism. We have different themes in our songs and we make fun of things. Like our song ‘H&m are watching you’ is about how everybody looks the same, what is going on in the scene right now. ‘Elektro Partys machen mich kaputt’ is about partying and not thinking about the consequences.
You guys have two EP’s out:  ‘You never get a cannibal blowjob twice’ and ‘Totgeburt in Röhrenjeans’.
Both came out in 2009. Totgeburt in Röhrenjeans’ means something like stillbirth in tight pants. Mockery of the scene thing again. We’re recording new stuff right now, which is about social criticism again. We’re working on a song about fascism against the nazi culture in germany. This song, again, is going to be very funny.
Is there a lot of difference with the previous EP?
No, I guess not. The new one is more straight, less experimental, but still shemale-style.
Do people actually dance on your shows?
Yeah of course, we’ve played with Haribo macht Kinder froh, an amazing band. We played in the Netherlands and we didn’t know if the people knew us or our songs. Their reaction to us was great, there was a raving moshpit. We’ve been looking forward to play in Belgium again, the last show was amazing.
On the myspace there’s a clip where you guys are performing in Louisa’s bedroom, how crazy was that?!
It was pretty amazing. It was one of the first shows we have ever done. People commented on Youtube that we suck live and we are a pretty fucked up band, but that was because the room was really small and lots of people were smoking there. All that smoke made it feel like Auschwitz to me, because I couldn’t breathe anymore. It was one of the coolest shows ever after the Netherlands show. It was so crazy, we stagedived, there was a moshpit and circle pits in this small room, just amazing.
Which nice ‘Elektro Party’ could you recommend?
In Germany there is this festival called ‘Meltfestival’, which is pretty cool. There are lots of different electronic styles. Also ‘Love Parade’ is a recommender. Roman, the fellow shemale was impressed by it. The trains were packed, everybody pucked, everybody was on drugs. We had the idea to make a video on the next love parade. But it is not sure if there will be a next edition, because of all the filth that remains on the streets after the festival. I’m not going to any shows or concerts, except when we’re playing there ourselves.
Okay, we’re done. Any last words?
Haribo macht Kinder froh is gay.

Check Shemales from outta space of death out on myspace and fb, you can download their EP's for free!