maandag 28 juli 2014

Micro review: Chikatilo EP: Mistake Of Nature

No it’s not your favourite Family Guy episode. It’s the intro of the very first four-songs-counting Chikatilo EP, named Mistake Of Nature. Note that it is a DIY creation, so thumbs up for that!

I could write a book on this EP, but to keep things short it could be described as: Breakdown… Madness… Breakdown… Breakdown and another slice of madness x 4.  The band describes itself as ‘Slam’. I probably missed out on something going on these days, because I don’t even have a clue what the hell that is. Maybe I’ll know after getting slammed in the face during one of their shows. Or maybe I just gave up on playing Pokémon too early to get the meaning of ‘slam’. However this one thing is sure: The Chikatilo EP is food for the beatdownkids that have been hungry for a while.

These Belgians had their first success already in Japan, now we will wait see and see how things turn out for them in Belgium and the rest of Europe. In September their UK tour kicks off, festivals like the UK Ballerfest are on their tour checklist.

Even though there is a big crisis going on in this sickminded world, remember that there is still Chikatilo. Enjoy!

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